so fun need to sleep after this last match 

so fun need to sleep after this last match 


Wouldn’t it be awesome if there could be more characters in Robins final smash other than Chrom. 

Frederick- “Pick a god and pray”

that needs to happen 

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Selections from All Your Yesterdays

Often dinosaurs are drawn by paleoartists as simply skeletons covered in flesh, with no colors or feathers or strange behaviors. All Yesterdays was published to challenge these traditional drawings, and featured art speculating on the bizarre ways that fossil animals could have looked and acted.

For All Your Yesterdayspaleoartists were invited to submit art in speculation of how extinct animals could have looked and acted. This is called speculative evolution. Although none of the colors or actions chosen in the above images are discernible by referencing the fossil record alone, none are impossible either, given our current knowledge of modern and prehistoric animals.

Art Credits:

Christian Masnaghetti's Two-Headed Zupaysaurus. Two-headed animals are not too uncommon; the Venice Beach Freakshow has over a dozen live two-headed red-eared slider turtles. However, the artist concedes that it’s extremely unlikely that a two-headed animal like this one would survive in the wild to adulthood.

H. Esdaile's Tool Use in Jinfengopteryx

Jon Conway’s Giraffatitan brancai (Brachiosaurus) at the Mudbaths

Jon Conway’s Balloon-headed Allosaurus

Rodrigo Vega's Speculative Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus that is typically portrayed has a crocodile-like snout and a massive sail on his back. Vega illustrates the Spinosaurus with a trunk-like snout and a bison-like hump on his back.

Bethany Vargeson’s Ambulocetus Couple (LostBeasts on tumblr!)

Brian Engh’s Diamantinasaurus in Caves

Vladimir Nikolov's Microraptor with Damaged Feathers

These talented artists all worked for free, so if you like their work please take a moment to visit their pages and shop around. All Your Yesterdays is also free online (liked above) with an optional donation to the editors.

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Hannibal + Community pt. 7 (x)

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when am bored 

when am bored